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Investor Marketing and Investor Relations Services for Fund Managers

The EastSide Group is focused on making you stand out in all of your interactions with investors, and helping you grow your business. We develop compelling pitch books, conduct presentation training, draft fund materials and investor communications, and advise you on the most appropriate marketing strategy.

What you say to investors should compel them to invest in you

In the capital raising process, fund managers have a limited amount of time to build their case. Through our consultative process, we help develop presentations that build a persuasive investment story, providing potential investors with the information they need to conduct further due diligence on our clients.

Why The EastSide Group?

Founded by a former investment manager, we know what investors are looking for because we've been in their shoes. Our investment experience helps us develop a compelling pitch, and create powerful presentations that are visually engaging and have the exact content that investors look for from fund managers. We also help you via robust investor relations programs that keep your investors informed and engaged.

Creating partnerships

We work in conjunction with prime brokers, placement agents and third party marketers - complementing the services that they provide. We forge a collaborative relationship with all participants to assist the client in making the strongest case possible when presenting to investors.


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